Slit Lamp BX 900®

Superior technology – professional photography

The Haag-Streit BX 900® slit lamp marries the latest imaging technology with the proven versatility, optical brilliance and build quality of the Haag-Streit tradition. The BX 900® is the leading slit lamp-imaging device and is designed to assist the Ophthalmic Photographer in his demanding profession. 

  • LED powered slit and background illumination
  • Integrated synchronised flash
  • Modeling control for reflections
  • Ergonomic one-hand illumination control
  • Full exposure control through a true aperture optical system
  • Unique quick return mirror providing 100% illumination for viewing and 100% flash energy to camera
  • Remote trigger independent of slit lamp focus control
  • Adapters for Canon and Nikon cameras (APS sensor size)
  • Interface with EyeCap for rapid download of images
  • Simultaneous stereo imaging option
  • EyeSuite Imaging

Mirror Housing 
During normal examination 100% of the light is directed to the oculars.






For photography, the built-in retracting mirror directs 100% of the light to the camera.

Integrated flash tube
Synchronised to slit, background illumination and shutter release

Mirror Housing
With monocular tube for camera integration and synchronisation


Shutter Release
Conveniently mounted close to the operators hand it can
easily be utilised whilst continuously maintaining focus through the joystick of the slit lamp



Instructions for Use